Benefits Of Organic Gardening

There are many benefits of organic gardening to be had for both human beings and the environment. Since the beginning of industrial or conventional farming (the use of chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers), the earth has been slowly eroding and the produce grown in this tainted soil has had a negative effect on human health.

Producing organic foods allows you to increase their nutritional value and reduces your risk of taking in harmful pesticides and additives when eating them. The production of organic produce also has the benefit of building the soil back up instead of continuing to degrade it.

Research has shown that organic foods are higher in the vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain a healthy immune system. By ingesting organic produce, you are decreasing the amount of disease causing agents in your system, as well as increasing the ability of your immune system to fend off different types of diseases caused by these agents, such as the big C (cancer).

Another benefit of using organic gardening methods is that your food will taste better and last longer. Produce that is unprocessed and chemical free stays much fresher for a longer period of time.

Using methods such as composting, adding natural fertilizers and minerals and liberating beneficial insects has the added benefit of saving you money. These methods also protect the soil and allow it to begin healing itself.

The greatest benefits of organic gardening are that you have the chance to feed yourself and your family the healthiest foods out there; fresh, pesticide-free produce as well as give back to the soil that sustains you. A side benefit of gardening organically is all the stress-reducing benefits you gain by being out in the sunshine and digging in the earth. Grow organic and enjoy better health!

This is a great little video about the benefits of of going organic. It’s a parody using a Star Wars theme, your kids will love it…watch it with them!