Organic Seeds

Organic Seeds are produced from plants where no chemicals are used before or after harvest. You can find seeds to start your organic garden many market places locally or look online for various organic agricultural companies that have the seeds you are looking for.

When starting your organic garden, it is important that you figure out exactly which organic seeds you want to grow. Will you want a vegetable garden, vegan garden, fruit garden, flower or plant garden? You will need to make sure that you plan ahead of time, so that you get the best results for whichever organic garden you decide to grow. Before choosing which seeds to buy, you should plan how big the garden will be, how you will align the seeds and when you will begin the growing season for your organic garden.

There are plants that are what you would call great companions. For instance, the well known Native American technique called the Three Sisters. This consisted of growing corn, beans and squash. The three balance out greatly because the beans act as nitrogen-fixers for the other plants. It then climbs the corn stalks and the squash shades the ground to hold in moisture. Other organic seeds that grow companionships are garlic and roses. An odd combination indeed, but they are truly a good couple. The smell of garlic repels enemies of the rose, such as harmful insects. Not so great companions would be the Irish potato and pumpkins or turnips.

You will need to also cater to your new organic garden seeds with proper fertilizer. You can either buy natural organic fertilizers that contain no chemicals or you can make your own, called compost. Compost consists of grass clippings, dried leaves and peelings from the kitchen. The use of decaying organic materials offer great nutrients to the organic seeds that are in the beginning stages of their life.

To have a really great organic garden you need to start it off right. Using certified organic seeds will help you accomplish this!